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The Risk Of Health Problems As A Result Of Consuming Processed Meats!

 Wednesday, December 17,2014
Nutrition experts generally suggest that eating processed meat products is not lebihd ari one portionof the week. (PHOTO: DATOSBOS.COM)
Nutrition experts generally suggest that eating processed meat products is not lebihd ari one portionof the week. (PHOTO: DATOSBOS.COM) might often hear, eating processed meat had a bad impact to the body. Butwhat's the harm? Why eating processed meat is not healthy, it could be not too you understand.

Meat that has been "processed" it refers to meat which has been through a process of salting orchemicals to prolong the life of simpannya. And here are four risk of health problems as a result ofconsuming processed meats:

# 1 Obesity
Processed meats tend to contain higher in calories, fat, and sodium. Various processed meats that you consume in the form of sausages, burgers, meat or other processed meats, potentially adding more calories, fat and sodium in the body.

As a result of too much salt, the body will cause water retention and bloating. On the other hand,processed meats, usually called "breakfast and lunch menu instant" for reasons that could be good.Due to the easy combined with two slices of bread for breakfast or lunch. To make sandwiches, simply add a piece of processed meats, bread, setangkup a piece of cheese, sliced onions and pickledcucumber, chilli sauce and mayonnaise plus.

Unfortunately, this is precisely a practical way can increase the weight problems, because the content of sodium and fat in processed meats cause system metabolism slowing down. Especially if you add the potato chips in a lunch menu.

Diet experts advise, to burn the fat already lodged in the body, do sport regularly. If you have a habit of sleeping after lunch, should change that habit with a walk in the Park.

# 2 heart disease
Try any expenses always consider that you will feel in the body when eating a hot dog or decided a burger with processed meats. Eating a hotdog with getting more than three times the amount of saltin the sandwich of sliced Turkey meat.

Thus, what makes salt content to be very harmful to the body? The high levels of salt will weaken thefunction of blood vessels. This will then cause heart disease.

Remember, your body is unable to accommodate large amounts of sodium. Water retention as a result of the high sodium intake is going to build volume of water in the blood. The more the volume of water in the blood, the heart is pumping blood work hard to spread through the arteries. Also, the greater the impact load on your arteries.

# 3 D iabetes
Researchers have found signs of danger in the substance of nitrate and nitrite found in processed meats. Diabetes experts say, nitrate reducing the secretion of insulin in the body, and have a negative effect on the body's glucose levels.

Harvard researchers recently have also been doing some research that shows, eat just one serving ofprocessed meat a day can increase the risk by 29 percent to hit by diabetes. One serving, for example,setangkup contains two bread slices of bacon or sausage.

# 4 Cancer
Sweden researchers have found a higher risk of stomach cancer in those who regularly ate processed meat. Meanwhile, a study from Hawaii who followed the participants for seven years reveals, those who eat meat which has undergone a chemical process demonstrates the risk of 67 percent moreexposed pancreatic cancer compared to those who do not or rarely eat processed meat. It is generallyadvised, processed meat should be consumed no more than one serving a week.

Diamond Y. Septiani/Fitday